“Christmas FREEDOM” project by Alex Khrebet and Humanity

As you know miracles happen on Christmas. All people around the world are waiting for them. But countries are also waiting for the same miracle. They are just like people write their letters to Santa Claus.

Why this idea? As long as these countries are unable personally gain the freedom they deserve. So, maybe Santa Claus would help them?

Here are Christmas letters to Santa from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela:

And action!!!

1) Letter from Ukraine

and in Ukrainian

2) Letter from Russia

and in Russian

3) Letter from Belarus

and in Belarusian

4) Letter from China

and in Chinese

5) Letter from North Korea

and in Korean

6) Letter from Cuba

and in Spanish

7) Letter from Venezuela

and in Spanish

Why have I chosen the same background for each letter? Same problem – same background.

I hope that people all over around the world will see these letters. We have to hepl each other to build our countries. We are one family and our last name is HUMANITY!

These letters are sighed by:

29 335 489 people in Venezuela,

45 665 281 people in Ukraine,

142 914 136 people in Russia,

1 347 374 752 people in China,

11 451 652 people in Cuba,

24 051 218 people in North Korea,

9 468 988 people in Belarus,

and 7 000 007 987 people on the Earth.


Alex Khrebet especially for Reporters Without Borders/Reporters Sans Frontières